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Misfittens Assortment
  • We Fits, We Sits: Inspired by the #ifitsisits memes and social media trend, Misfittens is a funny group of cats with a passion for tiny spaces! No space is too small for these funny felines - or so they think. And now Misfittens is back with all-new Wild Cats in Series 3! These rockin' cats come in fun new styles and colors that everyone will love - and they have EXTRA FLUFFY TWO-TONED TAILS! Will your new cat have a stylish guitar? Or maybe funky glasses? Help these curious cats who have squeezed and squished themselves into meme-ishly tiny spots and get them MEOWT. Collect all 12!
  • The Latest Craze With The Newest Wave: Series 3 of Misfittens Cats are here - and they are WILD! Check out their bright looks and cool designs. From tutus to funky glasses, these cats are next level rockin'.
  • Big Cats...In Small Spaces: Misfittens are made with a soft, squishable material that makes them easy to squeeze and stuff into the tiniest of spaces! With your help, you can get them out of their tight spot and see how big they become!
  • Collect Them All: With 12 Misfittens Cats to collect, getting one is just the start of the fun. Collect them all and check out all of their unique plush looks and container designs! Use the collector's guide (included) to get more information on the cats and their hilarious purr-sonalities.

Misfittens Assortment


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