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Surfer Dudes Classics - Hossegor Hank

Surfer Dudes Classics are the perfect beach toy! Just toss them into the waves and watch them surf back to you again and again. They're self-righting, so they always catch the wave, and they're made of durable materials so they can withstand hours of fun in the sun. They're also completely safe for kids to use, as they have no sharp edges or small parts. So whether you're at the beach or in the pool, Surfer Dudes are the ocean beach toys guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the whole family!

Grew up Hossegor, France. Idol was Hossegor native and songwriter Jack Johnson. Creative and passionate, a Brosiah of many talents, a true Renaissance Man! Worst wipeout was at Les Cavaliers in Anglet—“I was just glad to survive!” Greatest moments: Surf Seshin’ at Cloud Nine and Teahupo’o. Claims to have more wet suits than Donegan Doolin; says his are much more stylish. Surfs the world, loves Cyclops, Byron Bay, Rainbow Bay, and Bells Beach, camping out in Australia. Thrives on heavy waves. Swears he will never surf Les Cavaliers again.

Mantra: “Le surf est la vie!”
Home Break: Hossegor and Biarritz
Fave Surf Spot: Teahupo’o
Bust Out Move: Carving 360!
Fuels up on: Crepes l’orange and chocolate croissants
Best Surf Memory: Never going back to Les Cavaliers again!
Best Beach Buds: Aussie Alice, Costa Rica Rick, Donegan Doolin, and Laguna Luna
When Not Surfing: “Skateboarding in Paris, but I really want to skate Love Park”
Advice for groms: “Don’t even think about visiting Les Cavaliers!”

Surfer Dudes Classics - Hossegor Hank


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