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Surfer Dudes Classics - Donegan Doolin

Surfer Dudes Classics are the perfect beach toy! Just toss them into the waves and watch them surf back to you again and again. They're self-righting, so they always catch the wave, and they're made of durable materials so they can withstand hours of fun in the sun. They're also completely safe for kids to use, as they have no sharp edges or small parts. So whether you're at the beach or in the pool, Surfer Dudes are the ocean beach toys guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the whole family!

Hails from Bundoran Beach, surfing capital of Ireland. Enjoys dueling on the waves with surfin’ blokes, though, naturally, he calls it, “dool-ing.” Loves cold water surfing because, “She’s faster on ice, dude!” Boasts he owns world’s largest wet suit wardrobe, a necessity off the coast of Ireland and at Tofino Bay in Canada, another of Doolin’s favorite cold-water spots. Good friends with Hossegor Hank. Often seen with Hank and Sumatra Sam jamming waves off Cyclops and other beaches in Australia.

Mantra: “Keep surfin’ laddies! May your joys be as deep as the ocean and your troubles as light as the foam…wherever you may roam!”
Home Break: Bundoran Beach
Fave Surf Spot: Supertubes, Portugal, the Pipeline of Europe
Bust Out Move: Disappearing Act in the Green Room
Fuels up on: “Anything but haggas, Laddie!”
Best Surf Memory: “I still get chills watching the video of me in the Green Room tube—don’t know that I will ever have a run like it again”
Best Beach Buds: Hossegor Hank, Costa Rica Rick, Waikiki Woodie, and Sumatra Sam
When Not Surfing: Laddie, aye be chillaxin’ now!
Advice for groms: “Don’t ye be a Barn’y!”

Surfer Dudes Classics - Donegan Doolin


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