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LED Badminton
  • Light-up oversized badminton set keeps you playing even after the sun goes down!
  • Increase concentration and reflex skills while having fun
  • Includes two oversized rackets and one oversized light-up birdie
  • Bright neon birdie flashes multicolored lights when hit (two button cell batteries required, included)
  • Racket handles are covered in squishy foam and comfortable to hold
  • Ages 5 and up.


Grab a friend and play badminton in the dark! The LED Light-Up Oversized Badminton Set includes one neon-colored birdie that will light up the court with flashing, multicolored LED lights when hit. The large, foam-handled rackets (two included) are lightweight and comfortable to hold. Not only fun, playing badminton increases concentration and reflex skills. So get ready to play game after game, even after the sun goes down!

Colors will vary. Birdie requires two button cell batteries (included).

LED Badminton


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