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Squish & shape, sensory, mess-free drawing pads filled with safe, non- toxic gel or beads that can be drawn into or moulded for endless creative creations! Includes easy-to-use stylus or your fingers to paint or style. Simply draw, squish, sculpt, shape, create, erase, repeat!

There are 2 styles of DoodleJamz – either with beads gel or 2 coloured layers of gel. Each DoodleJamz comes in a plastic frame, with a shaping stylus and removable paper background. Backgrounds can be swapped in and out or print out your own selfie pictures to insert into your DoodleJamz! Visit from launch for any picture to be resized for use! Jellypics have transparent jelly with various colours of squishy beads. Each Frame comes with a cardboard backer with picture. Sculpt the coloured beads on top of the picture to make exciting and unique combinations!

Jellyboards have two separate layers of coloured jelly. The double layer creates an amazing sensory touch and feel! Double-colour depth offers more complexity in artistic creations forming shapes of jelly or drawing in the negative space!



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